Springtime at the Nursery

Hello everyone! We thought you’d like to take a look at what’s blooming around the nursery now that spring is well underway! We’ve already had some of our spring ephemerals, like bloodroot and rue anemone, bloom spectacularly. Below is a photographic record of what’s coming up now, though it’s by no means a comprehensive list!

Trout lily

Trout lily, called so for its dappled leaves. Botanical name Erythronium americanum.

Eastern bluebell

Eastern bluebells, Mertensia virginica.

A species of Antennaria, or Pussytoes.
Ostrich fern

Robust ostrich fern fiddleheads, botanical name Matteuccia struthiopteris.

A species of Erigeron.
Lowbush Blueberry

Lowbush blueberry, Vaccinium angustifolium.

Shagbark hickory

A young shagbark hickory (with an older one in the background), Carya ovata.

Foam flower

Foam flower, Tiarella cordifolia.



Bog Rosemary

Andromeda polifolia, Bog Rosemary.


Rhodora, or Rhododendron canadense. Does very well in wet conditions and is usually found in bogs.
Leopard frog

All these native plants create a thriving habitat for local wildlife. Here is a leopard frog, enjoying the sun in our bog!

Painted turtle

This is a new edition to our bog, baby painted turtles!
Nursery springtime

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