Why Natives

Our nursery offers native plants for our region. From wetlands to woodlands we have the plants that will enhance your garden and property. Butterflies, birds, hummingbirds and other wildlife can be lured back if the plant material they rely on is replaced and available for them. Examples of the resources include flowers for nectar, seeds and berries for nutrients and proteins, and leaves and branches for shelter and nesting sites. Leaves also provide forage for animals and those caterpillars that will eventually turn into stunningly beautiful and delicate butterflies. Roots hold soil in place to control erosion. Pollutants in the soil, water and air are filtered out by plants.

By using the native plants, we also reduce the need for fertilizers and pesticides that can harm the environment. The need to water plants is reduced or eliminated when using native plants in their proper ecosystem. The natives have evolved in this region. They are hardy and dependable. Many insects and animals have a symbiotic relationship with them. We must be aware of this balance.

At Earth Tones, we strive to work within this balance and we are happy to educate our clients. Earth Tones is a company that can offer the knowledge not only to design but also the ability to implement the plan so it will function properly.

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your landscape is part of the solution.