Vernal Pools

A different kind of wetland.

Vernal Pools are seasonal wetlands that are found throughout our area. Most of us have one within a mile or two of our homes. These wetlands have water in the fall, winter and spring but usually dry up in the summer. Because these pools dry up they have developed a unique and complex wildlife that inhabitat them. There are no fish in vernal pools and this is a good thing for the salamanders that use them for breeding.

Salamanders migrate to these pools in early spring to mate and deposit their eggs and then return to the forests that surround the pools. These salamanders can migrate over 800ft to a pool and often return to the same pool year after year. Many of us have seen the large Spotted Salamanders; black with yellow spots that can grow several inches. These giants can also live for 25 years!

Not just for salamanders, these pools are also breeding habitat for many frogs too. The Wood Frogs and Spring Peepers are big users of the pools. For many species this is the only place they will breed. If we continue to lose the pools, we may see the extinction of species such as the Wood Frog and Spotted Salamander.

If you have questions about the pools or if you think you may have one contact Kyle to find out more.