The bane of native plant enthusiasts!

Invasive plants are plants that have been introduced to our area, often from Europe or Asia, that have the ability to out compete our natives species. Many of these plants have also effected the wildlife by displacing food and habitat resources. These plants can have great economic impact as well. Some plants from north america can be invasive if they are not historically found in our region, such as the Black Locust tree.

Another invasive that has gained great attention is Garlic Mustard; a highly invasive plant that can inhabit many different ecosystems. Originally brought by Europeans as a food source, this perennial has infested much of our area. It is thought that this plant puts out chemicals that destroy microbes which have symbiotic relationships with many of the spring ephemerals, such as Trillums, Blood Roots, and many trees!

If you have invasives that need to be controlled please contact us to review the situation. It is important to control invasives early before they gain a foothold.

For more information check the Invasive Plant Working Group site at – it contains a list of the plants banned in Connecticut