Landscape Design



Blending ecologically sound practices with aesthetically pleasing designs.

Whether you are buying a property or have lived there for years we can help you improve your environment for all that live there.

We visit every site and observe the type of ecosystem it’s located in, we talk with the client and list their wants, dreams, and desires for their property. Then we create an ecologically friendly design that fits the client and property. Sometimes doing an entire landscape can be overwhelming for our clients. The design can be divided into priority zones. This is very helpful if there are time or budget constraints. The design can be followed and implemented by the landowner, or by us. What we especially enjoy is to spend time with the client and work together on the installation of their project. In the long run, our goal is to educate people about the land, and how to maintain and appreciate the balance within their ecosystem.

The initial visit is a free consultation. We meet at the site and discuss ideas. If you wish to continue, our fee is $85-125/hr for further consultation depending upon the intricacy of the situation. Design pricing, on average, ranges anywhere between $400 for a smaller design to $1000 depending upon the scope of the project. An estimate for implementing the design will be given for approval.

Construction Philosophy
When implementing a design we approach each site with care and construct with the least amount of impact possible. Sometimes there is a need for large machinery to implement the design. We have equipment that is designed for low ground impact, a must when working in wetlands.