At The Nursery

Come view many of the plants growing in their natural habitats on the picturesque property in Litchfield County. Sit by the bog garden or by the shade house and observe the butterflies and humming birds busy collecting nectar.

We planned wood from trees on the site! We custom cut all of the complex joinery to make the posts and beams link together. The barn framework The finished product is a cozy and eco-friendly office and retail space.

Come visit the “barn”, a post and beam structure constructed from the oak trees that grew on the site. It is serving as our office. We invite you to come visit, walk the display gardens, ask plant questions and enjoy! And take home a few native plants!

There’s always a place for a native plant in every landscape!

Questions about your landscape? We have a landscape designer ready to answer all your questions.

Wetland issues? Talk to the wetland ecologist and soil scientist to get answers.