Local Native Trees, Shrubs & Vines

Plant Details
Common Name Box Elder
Botanical Name Acer negundo
This maple is drought tolerant. It grows 30-60 feet tall. it is a rapid grower especially when young. Yellow-green flowers bloom in the spring. reddish-brown samaras appear later and persist into winter. Its seeds are a good food source for birds and squirrels. It prefers a sunny location in moist or wet soils but can be very adaptable. It is a dioecious tree.

Box Elder Details
Box Elder / Acer negundo Photo
Common Name Striped Maple/ Goose-foot Maple
Botanical Name Acer pensylvanicum
This maple likes well drained soils and is found in woods along slopes where it is cool and moist. It grows about 25 feet tall and has green and white striped bark. The leaves are 3 to 8 inches and are in the shape of a goose foot. Fall color is yellow.

Striped Maple/ Goose-foot Maple Details
Striped Maple/ Goose-foot Maple / Acer pensylvanicum Photo
Common Name Red Maple
Botanical Name Acer rubrum
This tree naturally occurs in low wet sites. Grows 40-60 feet tall. Has beautiful red fall color with yellow tinges. Grows small red flower clusters in the early spring.

Red Maple Details
Red Maple / Acer rubrum Photo
Common Name Silver Maple
Botanical Name Acer saccharinum
A rapidly growing maple that can reach 70 feet tall. Prefers sun and will tolerate poor soil conditions. Gets greenish-yellow to red flower clusters in early spring. It is dioecious and monoecious.

Silver Maple Details
Silver Maple / Acer saccharinum Photo
Common Name Sugar Maple
Botanical Name Acer saccharum
Tolerates shade better than other maples. Grows 50-75 feet tall. Slow growing. Prefers moist, well-drained soil. Has excellent fall foliage color!

Sugar Maple Details
Sugar Maple / Acer saccharum Photo
Common Name Mountain Maple
Botanical Name Acer spicatum
Its sap is used to make maple syrup while its bark has tannins used for tanning leather. Has beautiful red and yellow fall color.

Mountain Maple Details
Mountain Maple / Acer spicatum Photo
Common Name Speckled Alder
Botanical Name Alnus incana
Streamside pioneer that can grow in pure sand or in standing water. This plant takes nitrogen out of the air.

Speckled Alder Details
Speckled Alder / Alnus incana Photo
Common Name Shadblow, Serviceberry
Botanical Name Amelanchier canadensis
Small tree grows 18-20 ft tall. Early spring blooms are a delicate white. Smooth gray bark. Can handle sun, part shade and moist to dry soils. Berries in summer are edible if you can get them before the birds!

Shadblow, Serviceberry Details
Shadblow, Serviceberry / Amelanchier canadensis Photo
Common Name Ground-running Amelanchier
Botanical Name Amelanchier spicata (stolonifera)
This shad is found in dry rocky places and is only 1 to 4 feet tall. It too has white flowers in the spring and great fruit to eat.

Ground-running Amelanchier Details
Ground-running Amelanchier / Amelanchier spicata (stolonifera) Photo
Common Name Bog Rosemary
Botanical Name Andromeda polifolia var. glaucophylla
Evergreen Shrub. 1-2 feet high and 2-3 feet wide with dark green leaves that have a stiff leathery texture. Flowers in May. Flowers are white-pink urn shaped . Needs peaty, sandy, constantly moist soil that is cool. Full sun to partial shade.

Bog Rosemary Details
Bog Rosemary / Andromeda polifolia var. glaucophylla Photo
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