Wetland Enhancements

When it comes to wetland work there is an added factor that makes these projects challenging; WATER! Water is what makes wetlands wet and working in water can be difficult. To help overcome these difficulties we have a low ground pressure multi-terrain loader that can move in very unstable soils, it has less ground pressure than a human standing on the ground! This factor also reduces negative environmental impacts to the site.

Water levels can make or break a wetland project. Too much water and plants will drown. Too little water and wetland plants die, therefore proper elevations are essential for a successful wetland project.

Let us help you with the proper care, management, and enhancements for wetlands in your area. All towns in CT have wetland regulations that are up to 100 feet from a wetland boundry. When considering working within these protected areas, start out with a plan to present to the commission for approval. A comprehensive plan can be done based on an educated and scientific approach by Earth Tones. Avoid enforcement actions by working within your town’s guidelines. Stream work also has special needs. Soil, rocks, boulders, and plants have to be properly placed to reduce bank erosion and soil loss. An improperly constructed stream will cause water pollution. Because we can design and implement these projects it allows a ‘fluid’ movement to the project.

bog-1.jpgBog garden constructionBog garden constructionThe finished bog